A Taste of France at Le Baratin

You might remember the setting of Le Baratin from the previous post for the launch of Georgian Bay Vodka. The delicious and attractive photos of house cured charcuterie from that post was taken during the first night that Le Baratin rebranded from Bivy and established themselves as a bistro. When owner Pascal and Chef Jean invited me to revisit and experience their dinner menu, I jumped at the chance to teleport my tastebuds back to France. 

Sandwiched between the neighbourhoods of Little Portugal and Brockton Village, Le Baratin brings a taste of France in a comfy and unpretentious way with dishes that are classically French yet rustic and modern. 

Having spent a semester in France during undergrad, French food always bring me comfort and a sense of celebration as we often saved dining out for special occasions.  That combination of comfort and celebration is the essence of Le Baratin, making this dining experience both relaxed yet special. 

The man behind our meal is chef Jean Regis. He shared stories of classic French training,  his up bringing and how both have influenced him to create classic French meals with a modern twist from Northern Africa. 

My foodie friend Linda of The Starving Foodie,  who has brought me as her plus one to many food events and in this rare role reversal occasion, I was able to bring her as my plus one to Le Baratin. 

The gravlax with house cured salmon with toast and veggies. 

The charcuterie plate that is cured in house along with the pate which is also made by chef Jean. 

The setting at Le Baratin is filled with cute trinkets that bring out Pascal's personality and vision for the space. 

The Duck de Canard, a confit duck leg with roasted potatoes and a red wine sauce. 

Steak Frites, flank steak with shallots and peppercorn sauce with fries and greens. 

Linda, doing what we do best. 

Ended our night on a sweet note with this chocolate mousse. Rich yet delicate and delectable, it was the ideal dessert for Linda and myself. 

During the dinner, we spent a long time chatting with Pascal about the neighbourhood and how Dundas Street is slowly getting covered by cafes and restaurants as the cool and hip factor moves more and more west. Le Baratin is a hidden gem, both Linda and I felt that it's at the cusp of a popularity boom. Before it gets overcrowded and discovered by others, you need to visit them for a classic and rustic French meal.