Located within Wilson Heights, near the intersection of Bathurst and Wilson, Paese is a homey yet refined Italian influenced restaurant. With the summer days coming to an end and our weekend packed, it was nice to slow down, catch up and meet new friends over dinner.

Once again, thanks to Linda’s invite I was able to experience Paese’s menu and also meet a new foodie friend Natalie who’s the brains behind Cooking Quidnunc. The evening was filled with great food, conversation about events around the cities and how our dream food events would be. 

As the dinner happened spontaneously, I was caught without my usual dSLR sidekick and had to take these photos on my phone. The quality is definitely not what I would usually post but the dinner was such a memorable one that I had to share. 

The setting at Paese. 

Cocktails to start off our night,  a mojito and blini. 

In house baked focaccia with a bean dip. 

Our appetizers for the night, polenta fries, grilled octopus and seared scallops.  

Salmon with roasted tomatoes, grilled corn and green beans.   

Veal Scaloppini in buttery lemon sauce. 

Grilled lamb sirloin with a cherry compote.  

Our dinner table setting, with ravioli and a side of crunchy broccoli. 

Our table filled with dessert, just the way we like it. 

Cioccolato, a dark chocolate cake with a white chocolate mouse, nutella sauce and a nutella brittle. This was my dessert of choice and the table agreed that it was the best one ;). 

Butterscotch pudding complete with a cute mason jar to teleport, topped with rosemary praline and a gooseberry.  

Affogatoo, the holy trinity of Italian dessert. Chocolate chip cookie, gelato and a shot of espresso. 

What's great about having dinner in a more suburbie location at a homey locale was the pace of dinner. We moved leisurely between courses while enjoying each others company. The servers are informative and accommodating, allowing us to fully capture our shots and ensured a relaxing flow to the night. 

One of the ideas we had that night was to have more gathers of food bloggers, so we can establish more of a community. Towards the end of August, we got to have a BBQ and more bloggers gathered together. Who knew that a memorable meal on the fly would lead to even more memorable meals?