Slickers & Drake Devonshire

As the Cheese festival came to its end and we chatted with some of the staff that ran the event. They gave us a quick lay of the land for things to see in Prince Edward County and suggested some places we had to visit. When it came to a nice cool down snack, they urged us to visit Slickers for some ice cream. With a name so cute and awesome flavours like campfire and chocolate & Jack Daniels, we had to pay them a visit. 

The locals definitely warned us about the long line ups, but Slickers is well worth the wait. 

I got myself a combo of chocolate orange and jazzberry (which is a mix of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries). 

As PEC is made up of three counties, we started our day in Picton for the festival, made our way to Slickers in Bloomfield (what a cute name! Can you tell that I like cute names?) we then had to make our way to the final county, Wellington to visit Drake Devonshire. Linda have already visited them before and she was raving about the view from their patio. It certainly lived up to its hype and then some. 

The entrance to Drake Devonshire, complete with electronic head turning owls that I had to spend time watching. 

Evening glow on the patio. 

An umbrella to fit the happiness that the lake view brings. 

The Fish Camp Plate of the day, complete with shrimp, mackerel and smoked salmon. 

Grilled corn with cilantro crema and chili butter. 

Spent lots of time soaking in the sunset and recharging with this lake view. 

As it burns, it glows.

Pretty little attic space on top of the patio.

Patio space alone is worth a visit. Though the menu is very similar to Toronto's Drake Hotel there are items specific to Devonshire, like the Fish Camp Plate. 

Safety first. 


Serene neighbours of Drake Devonshire. 


Linda and Via, doing what they do best. 

I am very much a city girl. Sometimes so much so that I don't think a little country can change a lot but this trip have definitely changed my mind on that.

Great food and even better company to recharge in the most mellow of ways. 

Here's to more road trips and memorable meals.