CBC Music Festival 2016

There are countless hours that I have spent with CBC radio in the background. From finishing up projects, to doing chores or getting a taste of home when abroad, I loved knowing that I was supporting Canadian talents. But beyond the pride, the music is what made me want to nerd out and listen to CBC all the time. So when I heard about the CBC Music Festival, I jumped at the tickets. Seeing the bands in person and getting to listen to them live? How can I say no!

I do have to warn you, this post will get sentimental,  a whole lot of emotions were felt and I am now passing them on to you.

With CN tower as the backdrop and Lake Ontario framing the event, I got an extra boost of nostalgia as I used to frolic on the groups of TD Echo Beach. (I was a proud season pass holder for Ontario Place when I was a kid). 

The crowd listening to White Horse as we roamed into the festival. 

Josh Hook from Tokyo Police Club. 

David Monks singing away. 

Graham Wright on the keys. 

Cue my memories listening to Wait Up while I was catching up with school work during university. Tokyo Police Club sure have come a long way and so have I.  (I am watching their old videos as I write this and I feel all sorts of feels.)

A little shot of the media pit. 

I had most likely got mesmerized by Molly Rakin's awesome shiny hair when I should be snapping more photos. 

Alec O'Hanley on the guitar.

Always a good time with Alvvays. 

Kerri Macleallan and Brian Murphy of Alvvays. 

From playing Coachella earlier this year to coming back to CBC Music festival, Alvvays have found much success locally and beyond. Super happy that I manage to snag their caricature band shirt for future nostalgic moments. 

Squeezed in some food truck sampling too. 

Pho and coconut curry flavoured dumplings, yes please!

A.C. Newman of The New Pornographers. 

Simi Sernaker the touring singer and violinist.  

From her solo material to her work with The New Pornographers, I have been loving Kathryn Calder's sound for a long while now. 

The New Pornographers, missing Neko Case and Crash Years from their set (a song of obsession that my roommate and I had on repeat in university).

Hey Shad Hey!

The mastermind of Hey Rosetta! Tim Baker. 

Adam Hogan on guitar. 

Is it safe to stuff some emotional comments in between photos? Ok, cool. Here it goes.

Back in my campus radio days, I have shuffled Hey Rosetta! in my playlists because their sound blends into any conversation and because their mix of orchestra and rock was memorable. Their sound is the kind of music that makes you stop and wonder what the song title is and who is it by. The kind of music that you sit and actually listen to. 

As if I couldn't like them enough, their live performance upped my fandom even more. They are simply amazing live. To the point where it has caused me to write this ramble. When I was in the media pit, I was caught in a weird paradox of trying to capture content but also getting deeply lost within their music. To me, they are not just the band you want to sit and listen to album to album but also one that must be seen live. 

Josh Ward on bass. 

Tim light by bulbs and backdropped by Romesh Thavanathan on the cello. 

The crowd at the finale. 

As the light bulbs light up to the sounds of Hey Rosetta! and the night ends, I knew attending the festival was a bright idea. 

The night sets and I went home researching past years' line ups and waiting for next year's to roll around.