The Ultimate Blini Party for Two

My time spend with Ilana have always been special. Our causal catch ups over food might appear simple but our time together are simply extraordinary. Ilana has a way of telling stories that brings life to any topic and you'll walk away from the hang out with interesting tid bids of information about the world and yourself. 

For the longest time she wanted to host a brunch session featuring her blinis and so we met up at her home where she flipped crepes, told stories and I stuffed my face. 

Ilana flipping a blini in her kitchen.  

Her dining area,  complete with a scenic backdrop. 

One of the things I got to learn from this blini brunch was that her mugs' patterns are designed by William Morris, the father of interior design.  

Ilana has an adorable niece who lives in England and painted this lovely set of tea pots. (Which of course caught my attention. Which then I had to share with you guys). 

Showing me how it's done, the table set, crepes rolled up, ready for consumption. 

A blend of Canadian and Russian cultures for blini with maple syrup and sour cream. 

During our blini breakfast hang out, we talked a lot about what it means to be happy. Which moments make us the happiest and what it takes for us to recognize them. We both found that activities that make us feel present are the true keys to happiness. Being in a moment where you are not thinking about the past or worrying about the future, the ones that makes you want to just be within that current experience. That is truly the sweet spot. 

So here's to many more memories where we get to feel completely present.