Getting Curried Away

If you invite me over for dinner, I would probably show up early and watch you prep. You will most likely have me over your shoulder, taking photos of absolutely everything. I might also ask lots of questions about all the little things you do, nicknacks you have laying around and things in your fridge. That is what Alika and Aman endured when they invited me over for some chicken curry. They were nice enough to not only feed me but they also entertained my behaviour. 

Here are some photos for you to also get curried away. 

Their beautiful set of dutch oven and kettle. 

The AA team prepping dinner. 

A nob of coconut oil to start off the cooking process. 

Spices and tomatoes paste off to make our dinner fragrant.  

Chicken has joined the party. 

Meanwhile some basmati rice and spices are cooking away.  

Peas have joined the awesome rice party. 

Dinner is served and we got curried away with watching almost half a season of The Mindy Project. 

We also spent most of the night watching this iRobot as it cleaned the floors. Truly entertaining and we need a name for this little fella. Suggestions welcome!