3 Meals, $30 and a day in NYC

Somedays are simply ideal for frolicking. The weather is on your side and with no set itinerary, you let your legs take you to where your heart wants to go. You end up walking through different neighbourhoods, taking in each little detail and stopping only out of curiosity or hunger.

If you happen to be frolicking your way through New York and want some quintessential meals of the city, I have you covered.

Here are three meals that will ensure you to see the city and taste it too. 

Start your day off with the ultimate doughnut that is well worth the hype. Dough carries interesting flavours and fluffy cloud like doughnuts that will be the sweetest way for you to start off your day.

Their wall art was able to peel me away from my breakfast for a moment and this photo became my phone's lock screen for a while. 

I got to stuff my face with the mocha almond crunch ($3) and washed it all down with a latte ($3.75).  

When lunch rolls around and you've conquered many blocks of the concrete jungle, take a break and have a meal at Shake Shack.

They have multiple locations across the city and if you’re lucky like I was with the weather, you can visit one of their outdoor shacks.  Burgers and sun? Yes please. 

I ate my single Shack Burger ($5.75) and crinkled cheese fries ($3.99) at their Madison Square Park location. 

As the day winds down and you reach the end of the frolicking, have a plate of delicious grilled chicken or gyros from The Halal Guys

Their bright yellow shirts and food carts are not the only thing you’ll spot from afar, as there is most probably a long lineup when you get your dinner. 

I enjoyed a plate of their gyros, rice, salad and pita ($7). Remember to go crazy like I did with their special white and hot sauce, as it is life changing. 

Hope you've enjoyed this visual feast of three quick and economical eats from NYC. Happy frolicking!