Nordic Brunch

What was once homey and built on comfort is now cutting edge and trendy, Nordic countries have set themselves apart by being the new mecca for culinary adventures. My time in Norway, Finland and Sweden show that the Nordic food cultures is embracing international flavours while harnessing its local natural ingredients. The essence of embracing of new, leveraging local ingredients while brining comfort is found at Karelia Kitchen. 

Located near Dufferin Street and Bloor Street West, Karelia Kitchen is a homey smokehouse and cafe that specializes in using local ingredients while showcasing Nordic flavours. Owners and chefs Leif Kravis and Donna Ashley are the son and daughter in-law of the owners who ran the original Karelia. The original store was close to St. Lawerence Market in Old Town and sold cookware and other designed focused products from Scandinavia.  

For our brunch we had the potato pancakes with smoked trout and herring as well as the hunters sausage with purple cornmeal pancakes. We washed the meal down with lots of iced hibiscus tea and fika. 

A closer look into the hunters sausage plate, complete with purple cornmeal pancakes, eggs, potatoes and a shot of maple syrup. 

The smoke trout, pickled herring, potato pancakes and a poached duck egg. 

We also could not have left Karelia Kitchen without getting a couple of desserts. Pictured here are the saffron cake and the strawberry buttermilk tart and of course, our ninth round of fika. 

Hope you enjoy touring the world in Toronto through food with us. 

If you ever feel like letting your tastebuds explore the Nordic without leaving Toronto, visit Karelia's Kitchen.