Food from Toronto Food and Wine Festival

The amount of food that was available from the recent Toronto Food and Wine Festival was astounding. We took it as a challenge to try as much of the offerings as possible and oh man, was it ever a good weekend. 

Check out these photogenic and equally delicious bites below. 

The preparation for an all President's Choice Black Label plates.

Beautiful produce and ingredients from Loblaws for this scallops on squash risotto dish. 

Sweets and ladies from Sullivan Bleeker. 

Mini cupcakes, one of each please?

Sample of the juicy shrimp on plantain chip prepared by Chef Rob Thomas, winner of the Miele Challenge 2015. 

Chef Rob Thomas, doing his thing. 

Samples from the Ontario booth. 

Samples of pear bread pudding from Gail Simmons's recipe.

The beautiful and delicious rosewood wildflower honey and riesling savarine from Cluny Bistro. 

Ceviche Pacifica and sope from El Catrin, representing and making the Distillery District proud. 

Chef Anthony Park allowing us to be on stage a taste the fish he prepared during his demo. 

Simply magical. Perfectly seared and left partially raw. 

Gluten free pad thai from Hearty Catering, which was available in both vegan and chicken versions. 

Smoked beets with cashew cheese on toast was super tasty and meaty that we forget that it was vegan! Nicely done Tori's Bake Shop. 

Spicy octopus and tuna ceviche from Four.