EatWith Samson

The amount of food photos that I post may have crossed a little bit over obscene, and friends have started to ask me for restaurant suggestions or to share details of memorable meals. What I have started to notice is that the people behind the food and the environment that surrounds it are the things that make a meal memorable. 

Meet Samson, he also post quite the number of food pictures but he not only takes the photos, he creates the meals too. There are individuals who take hobbies to the next level and he is one of them. He regularly hosts dinner parties and is apart of the EatWith community. As one of the social platforms that is apart of the sharing economy, EatWith consists of a group of cooks ranging from hobbyist to Michelin stared chefs, who host dinners in their own homes. Only 4% of all those who applies to EatWith get approved (so you know that Samson is pretty amazeballs). 

Take a look at all the deliciousness we consumed at Samson’s house and try not drool all over your screen.

Because I am a keener for taking photos, I arrived a bit early and contributed very little to the prep process but immensely to the ice-cream consumption process. 

Here are some scoops of Earl Grey ice-cream that Samson has made from scratch, if that’s impressive, you should note that he also made the table seen in this backdrop! (Sadly, he didn’t grow the trees himself nor did he harvest the wood. I know… so disappointing). 

We started off the night with some bluefin toro ceviche, which Samson had to rent a car and drive out of the city to purchase the morning of. (How’s that for Intensity to the next level).

The wild mushroom puff pastry followed next. Topped generously with parmesan and laid on a bed of checkered puff pastry, these mushroom had a great ride before taking shelter in our bodies.

While we devoured the mushroom pastry, Samson was giving scollops a nice golden brown sear and showering them with a dashi reduction.

Along with the toro, and scallops there were also heaps of sea urchin that were purchased that morning. The uni got to be paired with some fluffy rich scrambled eggs on crispy toast.

If you noticed how attractive these eggs are, feel free to send complements my way as I actually made them. (With lots of guidance from Samson, of course). 

Then came the heavy hitter. A pork shoulder that was brined for over 24 hours and then was roasted in the oven for another 12 hours. 

All to be wrapped in some lettuce leaves and paired with kimchi and veggies. 

Samson and his rendition of Momofuko’s bo ssäm.

If you’re breathing heavy and mentally having a case of itus, hold on tight because there was also dessert.  

We finished the night off with some pear and ginger tarts drizzled with dulce de leche, that was served with some Earl Grey ice cream (that I had already secretly consumed without other guests' knowledge) or black sesame ice cream (both of which were homemade).

If you’re ready to be stuffed silly with a happy and memorable meal cooked by Samson, check out his EatWith page here:

(He’s relocating to Vancouver, so west coast, watch out!)

Ending this post with the ultimate bonus perk of eating with Samson. . . 

You get to rub his adorable husky lab, Archie's belly. 

(If you want more doses of cuteness from Archie, check out his Facebook page: or Instagram: @archiethehuskylab)