The Ultimate Blini (Russian Pancakes) Party


While enjoying pancakes at brunch, you lose yourself in a deep conversation about tea parties and Russian pancakes with a fellow patron. They turn out to be the decedent of Princess Anastasia and tells you that the last time they were in Moscow, they had the best Blini at a hidden cafe. Just as the two of you finish the meal, you jointly teleport off to Moscow to have a Blini party. . . 

Now wouldn't that would be the ultimate? Sadly, my dreams of finding Princess Anastasia are dashed by some quick internet research and I haven’t quiet figured out how to teleport….But I did have the chance to enjoy a Blini party that in my opinion, tops any other. 

My coworker slash friend slash co-fish owner, Olga, had her mom Lidia, visit her all the way from Russia. Lidia not only made stacks of Blini and fresh jam from scratch, but she also told Olga to invite her friends along to enjoy the feast.


Before we dove into the pancakes, Lidia wetted our appetite with some Pastila, which tastes like fluffy cake but it’s actually made purely from apple preserves. 

Lidia actually finished all the cooking before I arrived but was happy to casually pose for me, acting as if she was flipping over a Blini.

Look at this beautiful stack of Blini, just waiting to be smeared with that glistening, freshly made strawberry jam. The rolled up Blini on the other plate are savoury, filled with a mixture of beef and pork. Both types were super yummy!

The dynamic mother and daughter duo, Lidia and Olga.

The Blini were enjoyed with some tea. We also ate them in the traditional way, just with our hand. No utensils needed. 

And... if you don't think they were gracious enough, they allowed me to do this to take those food shots.

Now if this isn't the ultimate Blini party, I don't know what is.