Little Sister - Indonesian Food Bar in Toronto

My relationship with Indonesian food started off with an obsession with the country behind the cuisine. Being filled with mystical islands that are surrounded by spiritual air, its hard not to obsess about Indonesia. I was too deeply attracted to scenic magazine clippings of rice fields, infinity pools and beaches to take notice of its cuisine (shocking, I know). One of my first exposures to Indonesian food was actually in Amsterdam; sitting close to the flower market, I had my first taste of beef rendang. Since then, I made my way to Bali, Gili and Bintan, and had many more meals to deepen the love for Indonesian food.

One of the many great advantages to living in Toronto is the fact that you can easily sample food from different corners of the world. Having the taste of samba and curries taunting me and discovering that Little Sister focuses on Indonesian cuisine, I ogled their Instagram feed and paid them a visit. 

Little Sister has a set of sleek booths and bar seats as you enter, at the back, its kitchen window looks like a replica of a food vendor shop out of the streets of Bali. It’s a good idea to visit with a few friends and order multiple plates to share, so you can sample more of the menu. If you grab a seat at the bar like we did, you get to admire their liquor wall and will probably start to plot a scheme to teleport it back to your house. 


We started things off with some cocktails; the Bali Red Eye (their Caesar) and the Red Moon (citrus, fruity goodness).

For appetizers, we had some crispy beef wontons (pangsit) with a green onion chilli lime sauce and some chicken satay skewers.

The first dish we shared was the Babi Panggang, composed of tender roasted pork belly slices topped with pickled bean sprouts and chilli sauce.

We also had Samir Java, a braised beef dish topped with crispy bits of potato (almost hickory stick like) and green onion. We rounded off the meal with some Nasi Goreng, sadly they do not top off the fragrant fried rice with a fried egg. 




Overall the taste is pretty close to traditional eateries, the dishes might not be as spicy as we would have liked but with the provided hot sauce we were able to adjust that. The staff members are super friendly and happy to explain any part of the menu or share their travel stories. 

If you ignore the lack of humidity and blazing heat in Toronto, and focus on their kitchen window slash back dining area, you can mentally teleport yourself to Kuta beach while stuffing your face with Indonesian delights. Give Little Sister a visit, and try out the mental teleportation for yourself.