Redoro Olive Oil

Italian cuisine will always have a special place within my heart (and my stomach). One of the first jobs I had was being a hostess at a restaurant in Toronto named Verona. This was where I had my first bowl of risotto and learned why cognac was in a cream sauce and how ricotta was added to desserts. That summer at Verona taught me a lot about the service industry and developed my interest in food. Two years later, I was able to visit Italy and made a stop in Verona. With the sceneries from Romeo & Juliet and endless pasta and pastries in sight, it felt surreal to be in the city that inspired the restaurant that started my culinary interests.  

    Recently at I was able to attend the Flavour Your Life event featuring Redoro, an Olive Oil maker from Verona. Thanks to Linda’s invite, I got to learn about how the city that has impacted me so much is leaving a mark within the olive oil industry. 

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CBC Music Festival 2016

There are countless hours that I have spent with CBC radio in the background. From finishing up projects, to doing chores or getting a taste of home when abroad, I loved knowing that I was supporting Canadian talents. But beyond the pride, the music is what made me want to nerd out and listen to CBC all the time. So when I heard about the CBC Music Festival, I jumped at the tickets. Seeing the bands in person and getting to listen to them live? How can I say no!

I do have to warn you, this post will get way to sentimental,  a whole lot of emotions were felt and I have to share it somehow. 

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The Ultimate Blini Party for Two

My time spend with Ilana have always been special. Our causal catch ups over food might appear simple but are simply extraordinary. Ilana has a way of telling stories that brings life to any topic and you'll walk away from the hang out with interesting tid bids of information about the world and yourself. 

For the longest time she wanted to host a brunch session featuring her blinis and so we met up at her home where she flipped crepes, told stories and I stuffed my face. 

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Georgian Bay Vodka Tasting

What's great about our local food scene is the people behind it. That is why I love going to different events to meet the writers behind articles and the dreamers behind the businesses. The dining table becomes our common ground to connect and discover something new in our community. When I got invited to preview Georgian Bay Spirit Co's vodka, I was excited to taste the spirit that won Best Vodka at this year's San Francisco Spirits Competition. 

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Getting Curried Away

If you invite me over for dinner, I would probably show up early and watch you prep. You will most likely have me over your shoulder, taking photos of absolutely everything. I might also ask lots of questions about all the little things you do, nicknacks you have laying around and things in your fridge. That is what Alika and Aman endured when they invited me over for some chicken curry. They were nice enough to not only feed me but they also entertained my behaviour. 

Here are some photos for you to also get curried away. 

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The Social Palate - Culinary Teleportation to the Philippines with Chef Gerald

When I visited the Philippines a few years ago, I spent most of my time ocean side, soaking up the sun at Alona Beach on Bohol Island. The scenic Chocolate Hills and piercing blue waters were amazing but because I was staying in a rather touristic area, most of the meals were westernized. I left the Philippines without having a traditional “kamayan” styled meal on banana leaves and always felt that I missed out on experiencing apart of the culture. 

Recently, The Social Palate invited me to attend one of their events and Chef Gerland’s traditional Filipino feast immediately caught my eye. As a startup that connects chefs to foodies outside of a traditional restaurant setting,  The Social Palate takes advantage of the beautiful cultural makeup of Toronto and sends diners’ taste buds to anywhere in the world. With social and private options, you can have culinary adventures right at the comfort of your own home or in a social setting at one of the featured chef’s homes. 

Our night took place at the artistically eclectic home of Chef Gerald's. As we were engrossed by his Pinterest worthy dining room, he was zooming in and out of the kitchen and laid down dish after dish on the banana leaves covered dining table. 

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Pusateri's at Saks Canada

When two beautiful brands join forces, it becomes an even more exciting and anticipated forefront.  That's the exact essence of the partnership between Pusateri's and Saks Fifith Avenue.  Here's an inside look at the preview of the Pusateri's Food Hall at Saks. 

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3 Meals, $30 and a day in NYC

Somedays are simply ideal for frolicking. The weather is on your side and with no set itinerary, you let your legs take you to where your heart wants to go. You end up walking through different neighbourhoods, taking in each little detail and stopping only out of curiosity or hunger.

If you happen to be frocking your way through New York and want some quintessential meals of the city, I have you covered.

Here are three meals that will ensure you to see the city and taste it too. 

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